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Russian Political Directory 2020

The Russian Political Directory is the definitive guide to people in power throughout Russia. All the top decision-makers are included in this one-volume publication, which details hundreds of government ministries, departments, agencies, corporations and their connected bodies. The Directory is a trusted resource for studies and research in all matters of Russian government, politics and civil society activities. Government organization entries contain the names and titles of officials, postal and e-mail addresses, telephone, fax numbers plus an overview of their main activities.

Truly comprehensive in scope, and listing all federal and regional government ministries, departments, agencies, corporations and their connected bodies, this directory provides a uniquely comprehensive view of government activity.

The Directory contains:

  • the constitutional position of the head of state;
  • an outline of the legislature and governmental system;
  • a summary of local government;
  • listings of ministries and their key personnel;
  • government departments, trade agencies and their connected bodies;
  • political and civil society organizations and affiliated groups arranged by subject heading.

The Directory also includes detailed profiles on hundreds of Russian Political parties, Organizations and NGOs. Information on each group includes the aims, officials, structure, members, finances, relations with other organizations and activities.

The Directory is an exceptional guide to Russian governments and politics and is a vital acquisition for anyone needing a reliable source of governmental and political contacts.

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